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When homeowners in Hockessin decide to remodel their kitchen, there are many things to take into consideration—anything from a layout that is conducive to easy movement and good flow around the kitchen to wiring for lighting and appliances must be taken into account for a successful kitchen remodeling project.

If you’re tackling a full kitchen remodel, there will be many minor projects occurring concurrently to accomplish the greater kitchen remodeling project. Cabinets have to be ordered, flooring laid, countertops installed, backsplash put up, and more. All of these elements have to be chosen carefully, measured correctly, and installed by a kitchen remodeling expert for your kitchen to look the way you envisioned.

B&B Contracting has been providing kitchen remodeling services in Hockessin and its surrounding communities for more than 10 years. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout Hockessin successfully remodel their kitchens—and we can help you too. Give us a call or fill out a contact form today to request a free estimate!

Cabinet Installation & Replacement in Hockessin

For many homeowners, kitchen cabinet installation can be the single largest expenditure in their kitchen remodeling project. Precise measurements and installation are necessary so that your cabinets not only fit perfectly into the desired location, but are safely secured to the walls.

Whether you already have a style picked out or you are looking for a professional suggestion, call B&B Contracting for kitchen cabinet installation and kitchen cabinet replacement in Hockessin. We can take precise measurements and ensure that your kitchen cabinets are installed properly–ensuring a professional quality aesthetic.

Countertop Installation in Hockessin

Behind cabinets, countertops are typically the second most expensive expenditure in kitchen remodeling projects. Do you want granite, laminate, concrete, quartz, stainless steel, or ceramic tile? It depends on how you use your kitchen, whether you have kids, and your particular design ideas.

B&B Contracting can help you measure, design, and install countertops as a part of your kitchen remodeling project.

Backsplash Installation in Hockessin

Backsplashes are a vital component of any kitchen remodeling project in the Hockessin area. Not only are they a great way to add some color and design into your kitchen, they help protect your walls against moisture and staining.

Whether you want to use tile, mosaic, stone, or any other backsplash material, B&B Contracting can help give your backsplash a professional touch.

Tile Installation in Hockessin

Tile work is one of the most difficult home improvement project. Measuring, cutting, leveling, and properly grouting tile can be extremely difficult work for those without experience. For a professional look, you need to keep all of the seams even and level, and the tile needs to be grouted and sealed properly to keep moisture from getting underneath it and loosening the adhesive. Our kitchen remodeling experts have years of experience installing stone and ceramic tiles!

We can incorporate tile installation into any kitchen remodeling project, whether tile flooring, countertops, or backsplashes.

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If you’re looking for high quality kitchen remodeling services in Hockessin, DE, look no further. From small kitchen remodels to completely restructuring your kitchen’s look and layout, B&B Contracting is the kitchen remodeling company of choice for Hockessin residents.

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